How Does Night Fall?

How does Night Fall

Walk With Me 06

We’ll take the steep sunken lane that curves around the Coombe, the long wooden lane that passes the farm and cottages and stretches up towards the steel blue skyline. Let’s walk along the hollow to Elliots Shed and the Cross Dyke turning into the wide chalk byway to Win Green. The henged clump, sacred high point along this spiny ridge where ashes are scattered and flowers laid in reverence. Roll with me down the soft green and re-connect with the scoured chalk path as it loops and winds long the sleeping dragons back. The Ox Drove where man and beast communed with the universe; earth and sky meet. On either side, honeyed copse and wrinkled slope steals your breath away. Just a touch of sun required to reveal the artists handiwork. ‘Earth has not anything to show more fair, dull would he be of soul who could pass by…’ *  Here, we are cradled in the lap of the Gods, at Heaven’s Gate. We have trod the path of ancients and beneath our feet magic vibrates. ‘Here be Dragons’ spread before us the sole purpose of humanity, the eternal truth of everything.


*William Wordsworth


A New Year

A grey dawn today, rises to the orchestral swell Of wind, strings and distant percussion. There were fireworks in the village and the pub Heaved with cheers and back-slapping, full of celebration. Relieved from Crimbo limbo Morris dancers skipped down the lane In folksy eccentricity. Grizzling rain. He carries you with him from old year …

Midwinter II

Father Sun, Father Sun

When the shortest day is come

Bring me home, bring me the one.

The beating heart, the loving cup, your winters drum

Call across the hills and plains, tell everyone

Bring in the Yule log, put on your fur, your winter gown

Beneath the mistletoe with a kiss be bound

Put on your holly crown.

Sister Moon, sister moon

As the silent sea swell swoons

Step out with me in your midnight costume

We will dance to the piper’s tune

Waxing, waning through the silvered night

Fox cry, owl screech, frost bite.

Mother Earth, Mother Earth

When the new year starts to turn

As the fire scorches, burns

Rise from slumber let dreams bear fruit

Let Hope and all it’s maiden prayers take root

The oak, the ivy, together may bear

Natures winter witness to lovers everywhere.

Father Sun, Father Sun

When through the sky your journey’s done

Leave a golden ray to spark

A fire that kindles ‘gainst the dark

Send an arrow through all lost hearts

Reunite with their true path

Banish sorrow, banish gloom

Nourish Mother Earth

Replenish Sister Moon.

Three Kings journeying with winter crown

Berry red, wine and caroling throughout the towns

Three Queens riding across hills and plain

Bringing back the oak, the fruit, the harvest grain,

Snow blown winds and ice thawing in their wake

As blessings and sunrise in winter hearths they make

Red Kite calling under the morning star

Cottage, barn, farmyard, fold and cow byre

Field, hollow, high woods nestled on the hill

Welcome in the New Year, with all good will.

Father Sun, Father Sun. When the shortest day is done

Bring me home, bring me the one.


Midwinter Solstice       © JL Brain 2017

These Bitter Plains

These bitter plains_ed



When Vikings Roar

Come, you said. My Land is ash it will fill your mouth with dreams.